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Cazana data helps motor retailers, insurers and lenders digitally transform. Our big data and machine learning technology helps our partners see the full picture - reducing risk, improving profits and driving better global customer experiences.

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As the automotive industry rapidly digitises, and consumers move from vehicle ownership to usership, the risk borne by motor insurers, lenders and retailers is increasing. Although the industry adapts to these new challenges brought about by real-time digital journeys and instant comparison, the data that underpins it is not fit for purpose. Traditional vehicle data providers are inaccurate, expensive and out of date.

Cazana offers the largest and most comprehensive view of the global used car market. Our platform is relied on by industry leaders to give unprecedented insight from market trends to pinpointing individual vehicle value and risk. Cazana's technology combines whole market retail data with government and regulatory sources to give customers a data-driven advantage in this fast digitalising sector.

Dive deep into a vehicle's individual history to uncover everything there is to know about it and how much it's worth right now. Use Cazana's award winning tools to accurately forecast the future and offer more competitive lending products. Read our insights to understand how the market is changing and how you should adapt. Reveal hidden history and risk signals to write accurate insurance quotes and fairly settle claims.

Benefits of working with Cazana

Whole-market view

Our vehicle data covers the whole market with billions of unique data points showing the full picture.


Our realtime technology allows work with the highest levels of accuracy and means never having to deal with outdated information.


Our analytics and machine learning give objective vehicle valuations and insights that can be truly relied on.

Helping Clients see the full picture


Write the perfect quote, hold onto customers and fairly settle claims.


Get hyper-accurate valuations and keep an eye on the success of the forecourt.


Maximise return on investment, manage risk and create innovative products for an evolving industry.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Build the cars that will make the most profit and the populate consumer tools of the future with industry standard data.

Partners and resellers

A number of organisations promote and sell Cazana's award winning data and tools.

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What our customers say

Client case study

“The additional visibility and insight that Cazana has brought to our used car pricing has been invaluable”

Archie Harwood

CEO of Harwoods Group

Client case study

“Since using Cazana we’ve seen our average stock days improve by 32 days by bringing our pricing to within 0.02% of the franchise market.”

Matthew Etherington

Jardine Motors Group

Client case study

“I would be happy to recommend Cazana as the amount of information we can access is far more superior to anything else on the market”

Andy Lee

Incident Management Solutions 

Client case study

“Cazana Companion is essential to any dealership that wants to be transparent and ultimately wants to stay in business in this fast-changing market.”

Paul Harding,

MD at Centurian Automotive

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