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Account Manager at Cazana

Welcome to “A Day in the Life,” a series spotlighting Cazana employees across all departments and locations. In this blog series, we ask our employees to reflect on their career and experiences at Cazana.


Florence Bishop

I joined Cazana in June 2019 when we were still fairly small and working in a shared office space, Runway East.

I started out in the automotive industry in 2010 as a receptionist in a car dealership. I moved through various roles within dealerships, with my last position being a Business Manager responsible for new car sales and a team of salespeople. Although I loved the job, the hours were long and I frequently had weeks where I didn’t have a day off so I decided to change my career path for a better work-life balance.

I moved over to the tech/supplier side of the automotive world in 2017 and joined a car buying comparison site, managing the relationships with the dealer partners. I’d been there for a couple of years when I started thinking about leaving and as luck would have it, someone from Cazana reached out through LinkedIn and the rest is history!

In my non-work time I’m one of those people that can’t sit still and probably have more hobbies than is sensible. You’ll find me gardening, running, practising yoga, swimming, tap dancing or playing the piano. When I do sit down it’s normally with a book and a cuddle with my cat, Bernard.

Why did you decide to join Cazana and what is your current role?

My current role is Account Manager and my claim to (Cazana) fame is that I was the first one.

Before I joined Cazana I wanted to work for another start-up but a smaller one where I could make more of an impact and really be part of building a company. After researching Cazana, it seemed perfect! Fairly small but already making a big impact and as all my previous experience was really relevant, I felt like I had a lot to give.

I originally applied for a Business Development position but after having a chat with Chris (COO) he suggested that I start off the Account Management team as my experience fitted that better.

I now look after all sorts of different clients from motor retailers and insurance companies to finance companies, solicitors and even a probate company!

Give us a brief overview of what a regular day as an Account Manager at Cazana entails.

A regular day starts off with a sales team stand-up where we catch up on the previous day’s achievements and share what our aims for that day are. After that my day will mostly consist of talking to our customers, either discussing renewals, having reviews or catch-ups, training sessions or demoing our tools. If I’m not doing that I’m normally booking in calls and meetings or sorting out any issues that come through.

What is the sales team like at Cazana?

We have a good balance where we all work hard but can still have a laugh with each other. We’ll all help out where needed and are good at working together which is rare for a sales team in my experience. I also like that we have a varied sales team in terms of age and gender so there are different opinions and experiences that we can draw on.

What is a current or future project that you are excited about?

We have lots of great things going on at the moment but I am excited about our rebranding and new website. I feel like we’re more widely recognised now and because we have lots more clients than when I started I feel like it’s an exciting new chapter for the business.

What is your favourite thing about working with Cazana?

Our culture. There’s always help when you need it and everyone’s really supportive but equally there’s great (I HATE this word, but.. ) banter which creates a nice family atmosphere.

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