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Business Development Lead at Cazana

Welcome to “A Day in the Life” where we showcase each of our employees across the business. In this series, we take an in depth look at the person behind the title and what Cazana life is like for them. This edition invites Hannah to spill all!


Hannah Brawn

When did you join Cazana and what is your role?

I joined on the first day of lockdown in March 2020 as Business Development Lead to manage our new business relationships with retailers & manufacturers. It was certainly a new experience joining a brand new company without meeting anyone in person but the on-boarding process was perfectly designed to make you feel immediately part of the Cazana family.


Give us a brief overview of a day in your life as the Business Development Lead. 

From building new partnerships with both retailers & manufacturers, showcasing our incredible product suite, utilising our in-depth data and insight to helping enrich our customer's business. I work closely with our product team but I also help other Cazana teams where required. No two days are ever the same in my world which is just the way I like it!


What is the Sales team at Cazana like?

The sales team are a well-blended, vibrant group of individuals that bring a wide range of knowledge & experience to the business and make working together as a team incredibly fun & rewarding.  


What do you love most about working at Cazana?

It has to be the people. It has been incredibly refreshing to work with such amazing talent. My team's mentality is 'sharing is caring'. We are all working towards the same goals & therefore we all help each other achieve success. 


What would you be doing if you were a billionaire and didn’t have to work?

I have a huge passion for travel, animals (my friends call me Mrs Dolittle) and making a difference in this world so you would find me travelling the world, volunteering at Big Cat sanctuaries, helping smaller communities create better living situations, and bringing joy where I could. 


What’s a fun fact about you that your colleagues don’t know?

I love exploring new places but have not travelled enough within our own beautiful country. However due to the recent pandemic, it’s put the focus on spending more time in the UK, so I have recently become a member of the National Trust and am already enjoying ticking off some beautiful heritage buildings & gardens!


What is your favourite place in the world?

Such a hard question, as I have had the privilege of travelling to some wonderful places in my time already. I'm not sure I can give just one! Santorini is a top choice for the amazing sunsets that are truly picture perfect. Alaska for the most wonderful scenery I think I have ever seen.  And Thailand, for the animal sanctuaries, wonderful people, food & islands!


What 3 words describe you best?

The 3 words that best describe me are confident, driven & tenacious. 


What is your motto and why? 

Live every day like it’s your last and make each day count. Life is unpredictable so don’t wait to do the things you want to do. Just go do them and most importantly, be happy. 


Working alongside Hannah are some strong industry experts such as Florence Bishop, Account Manager who had some fantastic comments about her colleague. She had this to say: “I've worked with Hannah for the last 18 months and only recently met her for the first time in real life! We work closely together to make sure our retailer partners get the most from our data and the relationship. She's great to bounce ideas off and always there if I need any help or advice both on a professional and personal level.”


Additionally, field expert, Rupert Pontin and Cazana's Director of Insight had this to say about working with Hannah: "Hannah joined Cazana just as the country went into lockdown but was driven and capable enough to survive joining a new business without actually meeting anyone face to face for some time which must have been tough. She is alert, inquisitive and commercially astute. She's a vital part of the sales team helping drive the business forward. She is always happy and fun to work with and is rumoured to enjoy the odd glass of sweet sherry from time to time to celebrate success!"


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