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CRM Lead at Cazana

Welcome to “A Day in the Life” where we showcase each of our employees across the business. In this series, we take an in depth look at the person behind the title and what Cazana life is like for them. This edition invites Gill Palethorpe, CRM Lead and Interim Head of Marketing, to spill all!


Gill Palethorpe

When did you join Cazana and what is your role?

I joined Cazana in January 2021 as CRM Lead. I was initially brought on board to audit and manage the Hubspot CRM. However, I’ve recently taken on the role of Head of Marketing, covering maternity leave and I’ve promised I am only keeping the seat warm.

Why did you decide to join Cazana?

I was fortunate to be chosen. Cazana reached out to me via LinkedIn. Having been with my previous company for over 30 years, this was a huge leap of faith. I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I’ve made. The grass is definitely greener on this side.

Give us a brief overview of a day in your life as CRM Lead and Head of Marketing.

I review and update the data stored, processes, and efforts including lead generation campaigns, workflows, email lists, landing pages, forms, lead scoring, lead statuses and content. I also review our understanding of our customers and their buyer journey to create personas that further enhance their experience. I use this information to engage, attract and delight with the right message, at the right time, taking them a step further into advocacy.    

What is the Marketing team at Cazana like?

The initial welcome and continuing support from the team is amazing. This is the same for all of Cazana. The people here truly believe in the products and genuinely care.

What is a current or future project that you’re excited to work on?

We have recently introduced a new brand and a new website. I am looking forward to being an ambassador and focus on strengthening and growing our audience.

Now that you’ve settled in, what do you love about working with Cazana?

I love the people and camaraderie. They’re not only dedicated and share the same goals, they are a fun group to work with. 

What would you be doing if you were a billionaire and didn’t have to work?

I would be on a beach in front of my luxury villa surrounded by all my family and friends with access to my own hairdresser, mixologist and florist.

What is your favourite place in the world?

I love New York and Palma Nova. 

What 3 words describe you best?

Kind, honest and caring describe me best.

What is your motto and why?

My motto is ‘Live, laugh and love’. I like being happy and enjoy this approach to life both personally and professionally.

Gill is Cazana’s CRM Lead but in addition to that role, she’s also been leading the Marketing team for a couple months. She will carry both responsibilities for the next several months to support Teresa McCarthy’s maternity leave. She’s taken the seat with professionalism and seamlessly added the extra workload. One of Cazana’s newest employees commented on working for Gill, “I onboarded just a few days before Teresa started her leave. I’ve always felt supported and properly guided by Gill. ELT chose the right person when they chose Gill to fill in. She’s a good leader and offers a consultative approach with her management style. I really enjoy working for her. More importantly, I always feel encouraged to do great as opposed to acceptable.”

Leanne Kingsley has been with Cazana’s Marketing team for over 2 years and offers her feedback on working for Gill so far. “Gill has made a smooth transition into her role covering for Teresa who is on maternity leave. She is a positive influence on the team and continues to build on the good work that the Marketing team does to support the growth of the business.”

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