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Director of Insight at Cazana

Welcome to “A Day in the Life” where we showcase each of our employees across the business. In this series, we take an in depth look at the person behind the title and what Cazana life is like for them. This edition invites Rupert Pontin to spill all!


Rupert Pontin

Give us a brief overview of a day in your life as the Director of Insight.

From the morning stand-up through supporting the sales team in meetings to opening new opportunities and writing insight. I also attend events and promote Cazana to industry and press contacts worldwide. My days and weeks can be long but exceedingly rewarding.

What is the Analytics team at Cazana like?

They are a bunch of very intelligent, inquisitive, hard working crazy guys that love having fun both at work and outside of their virtual offices.

What is a current or future project that you’re excited to work on?

There are so many projects under-way right now as Cazana continues to grow. However, the most exciting thing we are working on at the moment will have a huge impact on the business and customers alike. The procurement and implementation of a new high quality BI system which will manage and interrogate data using the latest analytics methodology is close at hand. This is the result of some very hard work by the team over the last 4 months.

What do you love most about working at Cazana?

The best thing about Cazana is the fact that we have a fabulous team of talented and enthusiastic people dedicated to changing the industry for the better. In all my 34 working years, I have never come across a business with so many committed members of the team.

What would you be doing if you were a billionaire and didn’t have to work?

I would spend 9 months every year travelling and the remainder helping the older generation to get out and about and enjoy life. I might also have a garage/workshop full of Land Rovers and Range Rovers that I would sell every now and then just because I enjoy meeting people and selling things!

What’s a fun fact about you that your colleagues don’t know?

What a question… I am not sure there is anything noteworthy to admit to.

What is your favourite place in the world?

There are many fabulous places. I will give you three - The Canadian Rockies, Aruba and the Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship that takes you to so many new locations.

What 3 words describe you best?

Gregarious, tenacious and determined describe me best.

What is your motto and why?

“Life is short and for living. Don’t wait!”

Emma Pontin - 04/05/70 to 12/01/16

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