Tomera Rodgers on August 19 2021

How Digital Tools are Transforming Automotive Retail

One very positive result of the pandemic is the overwhelming digital transformation many vehicle retailers have had to undergo to cope with the restrictions put in place to battle COVID-19. Greater awareness of how digital tools can reshape traditional dealership business models is now evident in the revised transactional capability of almost every retailer. The unprecedented global changes and restrictions did cause some serious vehicle sales volume concerns. However, OEMs and retailers now have greater customer reach and access to more digital tools and routes to market than ever before.

While virtual interactions are a quick, easy and efficient way to sell, some customers still need to test drive and inspect the vehicle they want. Buyers typically have an emotional attachment to shopping for and test driving a car they’re looking to purchase. They want to see and feel the vehicle first-hand. And with today’s prices, who could blame these comparison shoppers.

Cazana’s ebook Automotive Retail in a Digital World can not only help dealership profit but also help create exceptional buying experiences for customers.

Retailers will be able use the information to strategize and obtain those quality customers in a trusted way. More importantly, it highlights valuable digital products that can help achieve success such as:


  • Retail Companion - transforms the way vehicles are priced and stock is chosen
  • Stockview - provides stock monitoring for bigger and faster profits and quicker stock turn
  • Multi - offers real-time bulk valuation and comprehensive market insights
  • API & Data Solutions - offer world-class data that can be integrated into current systems


Cazana’s products are designed to help retailers make the most of their stock and maximise profits. The insights allow the ability to see how a vehicle has lived its life to include maintenance, resale activity and any other identifying manufacturer’s information.

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