Claims Companion

Essential to any insurance claims team and the vehicle valuation tool the Financial Ombudsman Service trusts.


Understand pre-accident values and identify claims fraud with our comprehensive valuation tool.

Type in any VRM or VIN number and pull up an in-depth vehicle report that draws on information from the DVSA, DVLA, MOT tests and the whole retail market. We’ll show you a detailed vehicle history, comparable listings and a vehicle valuation based on realtime data from the whole retail market.


Spot fraud quicker

Use our Vehicle Timeline to spot suspicious ownership changes and the signs of attempted fraud.

Increase transparency

Our transparent valuation process makes claims fairer for the customer and leads to fewer disputes and faster settlements.

Keep customers content

Back up your valuations with a Cazana valuation certificate and comparisons to identical vehicles on the market today.

Features of Claims Companion

Cazana retail pricing

Our retail valuations are based on realtime market data to accurately reflect the changing state of the market. There’s no bias or manual editing involved to give you valuations you can trust.

Vehicle history timeline

Get to know a vehicle’s full, detailed history from its manufacture to the present day. Discover MOT test results and changes to the VRM, number plate, and keeper so there are no hidden surprises.

Valuation certificate

We’ll generate a vehicle valuation certificate that you can download and share with clients to validate a claim and prove your conclusions are fair.

Market overview

Compare a vehicle with the whole retail market and identify similar vehicles on sale to verify valuations.

Detailed sales event

Our rich vehicle sales history shows you a detailed timeline of sales events. Spot pre-existing damage, check modifications and detect attempted fraud by viewing images, mileage, price and advert text from previous listings.

Full provenance check

Check the provenance of a vehicle and make sure it’s free from any issues that would affect a claim.

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