Retail Companion

Transform the way you value vehicles and choose your stock.


Price vehicles precisely and learn everything there is to know about their history.

Type in any VRM or VIN number and instantly bring up an in-depth vehicle report that pulls together information from the DVSA, DVLA, MOT tests and the entire retail market. Discover a vehicle’s retail value, trade value, sales statistics and options data, along with a fully detailed vehicle timeline.


View the whole market

Compare individual vehicles against the entire market to understand how they’ll perform and to stay competitive.

Increase profit margins

Make sure you’re paying the right price and making the best business decisions.

Drive faster sales

Use data from today, not last month, to price vehicles dynamically and increase speed 
of sales.

Features of Retail Companion

Accurate valuations

Our realtime valuations draw on data from the entire retail market to give you figures that truly reflect its current state. Discover trade and retail values as well as gross profit, original cost new and young-used price. We also split our valuations up by seller type so you can compare yourself directly with competitors.

Days to sale

This gives you a good indication of how long stock will sit on your forecourt allowing you to focus and choose the stock that will sell quicker. Allowing you to turn stock faster by using our sales statistics that show you a vehicle’s average days to sale and depreciation values.

Market overview

See similar vehicles that have sold in the last twelve months or are currently on sale to ensure you’re pricing competitively. Filter these results by categories including mileage, seller type, and distance to your site so you can accurately understand the market and work out how particular vehicles will perform.

Vehicle history timeline

Get to know a vehicle’s full, detailed history from its manufacture to the present day. Discover MOT test results and changes to the VRM and keeper, as well as previous sale adverts and images for the vehicle in question, so there are no hidden surprises.

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