Continuous stock monitoring for bigger profits and faster sales.


Get a 360° view of your entire forecourt and compare your stock with the whole market.

See how individual prices line up with realtime market values and monitor vehicle desirability to make the best stock decisions. Our price position indicators give you insights you can turn into action to maximise return on investment, profit margins and stock turn.


Price competitively

Know when you’re underpricing or overpricing against the entire market so you don’t miss out on profit opportunities or sales.

Save hours
of time

Replace manual stock reviews with our automated valuation tools.

Turn stock

Monitor days to sale, as well as market demand and use these insights to shape your commercial strategy.

Features of Stockview

Price Position Indicators

Compare your vehicle prices with realtime market values and take immediate action to maximise profit and sales. Our traffic light system highlights levels of urgency and we’ll recommend the steps you need to take to resolve any pricing problems.

Market demand

Understand the desirability of your stock and know which vehicles are in high or low demand at any given time. This information can then be used to update your stock strategy.

Dealership analysis

We’ll analyse your dealership and give you a stock overview that includes your average listing price, total listed value of stock and the total market price of stock. Our insights allow you to compare your overall pricing position and the desirability of your stock with the entire market.

Unique pricing strategy

We’ll customise our insights with your site’s unique pricing strategy so our recommended actions reflect your business goals. And we’ll work with you to analyse your overall performance to optimise profit opportunity and stock turn.

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