No two vehicles are the same. There may be two cars on a forecourt that at first glance appear to be identical, but individual condition, mileage, history and options make the values very different.

Understanding vehicle uniqueness is crucial to identifying the right price. But current vehicle valuation methodologies often don’t take individual differences into account. The result is lost profit opportunities, stagnated stock and low retailer performance.

Cazana is rewriting the rulebook when it comes to vehicle valuations.

Cazana uses data from retail markets across the world referencing local country trade associations, regulatory bodies and government data. Machine learning and data science algorithms ensure industry standard pricing accuracy for all vehicle stock, proposed purchases and customer part exchanges.

Retail-back methodology references figures drawn from years of quality historic vehicle data. This combined with realtime monitoring offers precise prices that truly reflect the live market positioning. Understanding what a vehicle’s worth today enables customers to work with the latest figures, not prices decided weeks or even months ago by predetermined trade guides.

The breadth of Cazana market data is unrivalled and valuations are easy to understand, unedited and transparent. There’s no hidden agenda. Values are created to empower retailers to pick the right prices and make the best commercial decisions.


Unlock new margin opportunities

Cazana’s valuations and data insights give retailers the competitive edge at every level of their business. Group and brand leaders use them to analyse stock and unlock new margin opportunities by identifying where individual valuations and stock choices are resulting in missed profits and unhelpful stock turn figures. Cazana will not only show how much money is being missed but where trading problems originate and what can be done to resolve them.

Cazana data is also used by dealership and sales directors and used car managers to control stock and maximise profits. Professionally developed SAAS based tools review stock at a glance, showing which vehicles are priced out of line with today's market and assesses the level of market demand. Cazana gives all the information needed to take immediate action and show topline figures including average listing price, total listed value and total market price to check how pricing matches the market as a whole at any particular moment.

Our data is also used by sales directors to manage stock and maximise profits. Essentially Cazana does the legwork on behalf of dealers, highlighting which cars need pricing action and explaining the reasons why. Whether it’s a problem with static pricing or a change in market demand, dealers and managers are alerted to the issue and are shown the steps needed to take to stay competitive.


Optimise your pricing strategy 

Individual sales staff rely on Cazana too. Precise valuations help team members pick the right prices and the in-depth vehicle history allows vehicle comparison with similar models in the market. The data takes the labour and guesswork out of traditional pricing methods, saving teams hours of work and eliminating errors.

Pricing strategy can also be tracked over time so the impact of plans and commercial strategies can be assessed swiftly and any adjustments made in realtime.

In an extremely competitive market with increasingly savvy consumers, retailers can’t afford to make mistakes with pricing. Cazana tools mean there is no margin for error. 


Turn stock quicker

Cazana helps dealerships turn stock quicker by showing which vehicles are worth time and investment. The breadth of data means it is quick and easy to identify the exact vehicle combinations of make, model, derivative, options and trim that sell quickly and those that sell slowly. This means dealers can optimise their stockmix so stock turn dynamics match dealer group targets.

Cazana's missed opportunity modelling takes account of the speed of sales and at the same time factors in the availability of forecourt space, missed margins on vehicles and missed margins on additional financial products to show how sale speed is affecting individual businesses.

Cazana's tools also help retailers easily identify fast-selling vehicles that are in high demand. This means cherry-picking fast-moving, high-margin stock to decrease overall days to sale and increase profits in a competitive market is easier.

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